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VOTEM - 2012 IIUG Board of Directors Election

Novamente o Board do IIUG esta anunciando abertura para votação, para quem tiver interesse segue o link:

Olhem ae os candidatos:

Current Board Members Running For Re-election

Khaled Bentebal, Paris, France
Khaled Bentebal has 24 years of experience on the Informix products. He joined Informix in 1987 in Menlo Park and started the Informix subsidiary in France in 1987. Prior to that, Khaled was the VP of R&D at NEXA Corporation in San Francisco where he designed a famous computer game: SOKOBAN. He has been CEO and Founder of ConsultiX (an IBM/Informix Business Partner Advanced) since 1994 - consulting, training, support, software development and third party applications maintenance. Designed and developed DB-Supervisor: a client/server graphical tool to supervise Informix IDS 7 and 9. Recognized Informix consultant and specialist in France.
Khaled is IBM certified on different versions on Informix Dynamic Server: 9, 10, 11.10, 11.50, 11.70. Khaled is the President of the UGIF (User Group Informix France) and a big fan of Informix.
Gary Ben-Israel, Israel
Since he joined the board in 2004 Gary is speaking without fear for the IIUG members, dedicating many hours to the IIUG board and providing help, guidance and Information to the Informix user community. Gary is currently the editor of the IIUG Insider and the coordinator for EMEA and APAC Local User Groups. Gary is the CIO of Israel's National Institute for testing and Evaluation. NITE's information management systems are running solely on Informix 11.5. Gary is a certified Informix DBA and is leading a project converting all in-house applications to Java. Gary volunteered to the Informix IDS 10, 11.10, 11.5, 11.7 and 12.10 EVP programs and helped writing the IDS 11 DBA test. I promise to continue working hard for the IIUG and representing the International Informix community.
Miguel Carbone, Brazil
Miguel Carbone "MC" has been involved with Informix technology since 1995. He started his professional career as a software engineer developing C/C++ solutions using Informix. He is president and principal consultant of MC Software, an IBM-Informix Consulting, Training, Translator and Tools Partner specializing in software development, data warehouse development, database design, performance tuning, high availability and Informix training and support.
Miguel is also the founder and president of the Brazilian Informix Users Group - BRIUG, a young but enthusiastic group, and has been serving on the IIUG Board of Directors since 2009.
Art Kagel, NJ, USA
Art Kagel has been working with Informix database and development products almost since the beginning. He is a frequent contributor to the IIUG Forums and the CDI Usenet group and a popular presenter at conferences. Art is currently working as a Principal Consultant for Advanced DataTools Corp. providing services to IBM Informix users around the world. He is also a winner of the IIUG Directors Award and was named an IBM Information Champion three years running for his outstanding contributions to the Informix Community. Art has been on the Board for three years and would be honored to be elected to continue this important work.
Cindy Lichtenauer, Lenexa, KS, USA
Serving on the IIUG Board of Directors is both an honor and a privilege. My recent focuses have been on the IIUG Informix Conferences and working as a liaison between the user and IBM. I am proud to say that we will be hosting the FIFTH Informix conference this year in San Diego! The past 4 IIUG Informix Conferences have been a great success and have proved to be the best Informix Conferences in history!.
I have been working with Informix for 20+ years and still have the same passion and energy for the product! I am excited at some of the recent happenings with Informix both inside and outside of IBM. I would love to have your vote so I may continue to serve the Informix community! Thank you.
Stuart Litel, Boston, Massachusetts, USA
Current President - IIUG
Stuart Litel is an IT professional with eighteen years experience working with Informix products. His early days with Informix products included beta testing Informix 4GL and Informix SQL versions 1 as well as the first versions of Informix Rapid Development System and Turbo (now known as On-Line). He is one of the country's longest time users and developers of Informix products, and considered an authority and vast resource of Informix database knowledge.
Stuart is also the founder of the New England Informix User Group and remains a very active participant as the group's leader today. Some noteworthy activities within the Informix user community include his technical contributions to various books published on Informix products as well as to the Informix Certification Exams administered by Informix Corporation.
Stuart's professional work experience includes positions as Analyst, Developer, Data Base Administrator, and Project Manager. His knowledge spans the Informix product line and includes the various database engines as well as development tools. He has been a freelance Informix Consultant for more than ten years, providing his expertise to large-scale OLTP, web based and data warehouse systems requiring optimal speed, performance, and precision.
Jean Georges Perrin, Strasbourg, France
Informix must be recognized as the most flexible and reliable database on the market - a leader in data management. My role on the IIUG board is to make this vision reality. Through a new website, a fresh PR campaign and more, IIUG will actively promote Informix as the ideal data tool.
I began using Informix in 1997 with Four J's where I focused on end-user experience. An IIUG board member since 2002, France's first IBM Champion, and CEO of ISV GreenIvory (with Informix-dependent technology), I bring 15+ years experience in software development and 10+ years managing high-technology projects in international environments. Your support is critical to move Informix to the next level of recognition.
Bruce Simms, St. Louis, Missouri, USA
Bruce Simms currently works in the Talx/Division of Equifax and has worked in the IT field since 1981. Experience has included both the public and private sectors in application development and support and then database support of Cincom's Total prior to using Informix. Bruce's first introduction to Informix was over 17 years ago and hopes to work with Informix and to help grow the product and to see it regain its' following as the best database for cost of operation and ROI. Bruce has been on the IIUG Conference Panning Committee since the IIUG started running their own conference. He has worked on the committee as a track/session chair and then as the person in charge of sponsors/vendors. Upon joining the IIUG Board of Directors he also works with sponsors.
Kate Tomchik, Marietta, Georgia, USA
Kate is currently an IT Architect for Database Technology at The Home Depot working primarily with Informix, but also with DB2 Linux/Unix/Windows. She was a Database Administrator for her first 12 years, and has been an Architect since then. Prior to The Home Depot, she worked in Ingres and Informix at Lockheed Georgia Company as both a DBA and Data Modeler. She has been a member of the South-East Informix User Group (SEIUG) for the whole 17 years, and was president of SEIUG for the 3 years prior to being elected to the Board in 2005. Through contacts with the user group, she has learned many useful tidbits about Informix that weren't written in any manuals and, whenever possible she, shares this information as the Web Content Manager. Kate is also the User Advocate - which includes collecting lists on new features users would like to see in the next release, as well as a list of vendors that need "encouragement" to upgrade to version 11 and beyond of Informix.

New Nominees Running For Election

Matthew Elders, TX, USA
I have been working with Informix since 2002 and I am currently serving on the Conference Planning Committee for the IIUG conference in San Diego. I believe that IIUG is here to help the day to day Informix users around the world do our job better. We all rely on each other to help get through our tough times and to celebrate our successes. I can't count how many times I've gotten out of a jam by searching the forums or pinging an old colleague to bounce ideas off of. The IIUG is the primary vehicle that many of us take to share our information and ideas, and I feel like it's time for me to give back to this community that I've taken so much from. I feel that my generation of DBAs needs to step up and take the gauntlet of being not only technological leaders, but organizational leaders as well; and I would be honored to represent the membership of IIUG on this board.
Rhonda Hackenburg, Harrisburg, PA, USA
Rhonda has been working with Informix products for 23 years. In her current position as Research and Development Manager, she was instrumental in influencing her organization to continue with Informix after the IBM acquisition. She is currently serving her third year as a member of the IIUG Conference Planning Committee. Rhonda would be honored to be a member of the IIUG Board and will apply her enthusiasm and commitment to ensure Informix remains a viable product of the IBM portfolio.
Vicente Salvador, Spain
I'm Informix Administration Certified and our relationship with IBM/Informix in Spain is excellent. I'm the president of Spanish Informix User Group that tries to be a reference for Informix in Spanish work. Working with databases in a technical and also commercial fashion. I have both visions.
Knowledge of complete Informix portfolio. From 4GL or Genero to IDS Large user Knowledge via our customers and also Spanish Ifmx User Group. Good relationship with IBM/Informix in Spain and also Lenexa. 20 years of Informix experience, including my participation on Informix Beta testers programs. A lot experience on organization, analisis, deployment, business process. Knowledge on language programing (mainly web developing languages).

Pessoal, vamos votar !!!

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