sábado, 9 de fevereiro de 2013

Chegou a hora ! Vamos VOTAR !

O Board do IIUG está sendo composto novamente para 2013.

'don't forget to vote!'

IIUG - Election time IIUG Board of Directors 2013

The 2011 IIUG Board of Directors is a diverse group of users, partners and IBM employees from all over the world. The current IIUG Board will complete its term soon. In preparation for the upcoming election of the 2013 IIUG Board, a Nominating Committee has been established chaired by former Board Member James Edmiston. The committee is currently seeking candidates to run for the 2013 IIUG Board of Directors. If you have a passionate interest in Informix products, and the drive, vision, and commitment to lead and represent the world's most influential community of Informix users, please give your potential nomination serious thought. Nominations will be accepted February 18, 2013 through March 4, 2013 and the election will take place shortly thereafter.
For additional info, visit: http://www.iiug.org/about/election.php.
If you would like to nominate yourself or a colleague, please contact the IIUG Nominating Committee by writing to board-election@iiug.org.
James Edmiston
Former IIUG Board Member
IIUG Elections Commissioner 2013

Boa sorte e abraços.

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